Krispy Kreme Selling Mars-Themed Doughnuts for Rover Landing

Credit: Unsplash

No better way to celebrate scientific achievement than with a fluffy doughnut.

If you haven’t heard about the latest goings-on over at NASA, well, that kinda makes sense. People don’t really pay that much mind to space stuff unless they already have a vested interest in it. But you know what people are frequently interested in? Doughnuts.

Tomorrow, Thursday, February 18, NASA will be live-streaming the landing of its new Perseverance rover on the surface of Mars. Perseverance is armed to the teeth with cameras and microphones, so this will be the first time in human history we can actually view an extraterrestrial landing as it unravels. Apparently, someone over at Krispy Kreme is pretty pumped about this landing, because the doughnut shop chain is offering a special pastry for one day only to celebrate this monumental accomplishment.

On the 18th only, all Krispy Kreme locations will be offering the Mars Doughnut, a decadent delight of a dessert that’s filled with chocolate cream, dipped in caramel icing, and sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumbs, all to recreate that iconic dusty Mars surface.

Perseverance launched from Earth’s surface back in July, and it’s been slowly drifting toward the red planet ever since. Besides its bevy of recording equipment and laundry list of potential experiments, Perseverance has a special item on board its cargo: a list of nearly 11 million people who signed up for NASA’s “Send Your Name to Mars” program, all engraved on a special chip mounted on the rover itself. If you were one of those 11 million to have your name sent to another planet, you should have received a commemorative “boarding pass” from NASA. If you bring that pass to a Krispy Kreme location on Thursday, you’ll be eligible for one free Mars Doughnut. You can enjoy a sweet treat here on Earth while NASA makes scientific history 126.68 million miles away.

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