Kylee Russell and Aven Jones Confirm Breakup

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A public revelation, heartfelt apologies, and a journey to healing.

Following the emotional finale of Bachelor in Paradise Season Nine, viewers were left with an unexpected turn of events as Kylee Russell and Aven Jones, once depicted as a couple leaving the show together, announced their separation on December 9. The revelation came two days after the finale aired, leaving fans surprised and eager for details.

In a candid Instagram Story, Kylee Russell shed light on the breakup and implied allegations of “multiple infidelities” on Aven Jones’ part. The Bachelor Season 27 alum expressed her gratitude for not being left in the dark and acknowledged the dissolution of a significant relationship in her life. She emphasized that this was not just a television show but her real life, and she was entering a period of healing.

Aven Jones, responding to the public scrutiny and comments regarding alleged infidelity, issued a statement of apology on December 10 via his Instagram Story. The Bachelorette Season 19 alum acknowledged making “major mistakes” in the relationship, expressing remorse for hurting someone close to him. Aven conveyed that he is currently in an extremely low place, focusing on self-improvement, healing, and finding a path to becoming a better person. He urged the public to extend grace and respect to Kylee and her family during this challenging time.


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