Live Your Best 2020 Summer with These Five Activities

Time to flex that ol’ childhood creativity.

Just because a pandemic has put a halt to most things around the world doesn’t mean summer is canceled. In fact, it’s more of a reason to get creative and have the best summer yet, so long as it’s safe. If your calendar is littered with canceled vacations and summer camps and closed down pools and parks, don’t worry; these five things are perfect for any summer whether you’re in a pandemic or not.

Nothing says fun like a good old family night. To keep things interesting, have a rotational weekly game night so each person gets a chance to choose the evening’s game. Monopoly, UNO or the Game of Life are all great options that are sure to spark laughs (and maybe break a few relationships). Family movie night is another great summer activity that can feel like a night out without all the spending. Serve popcorn and sodas and set up the room in a way that is inviting and cozy. Maybe even take it a step further and build a fort and watch the movie via a projector.

Credit: Southern Lady Magazine

Pools may still be closed, and beaches are slowly opening back up, but you can have all the wet summer fun you want right in your backyard. Consider having a water balloon fight where everyone gets doused with some cool water while having an epic battle. Or create a splash pad and turn your entire yard into a slip and slide.

Much like the beach, another activity that has summer written all over it having a picnic. Grilling is always lots of fun because it involves delicious food, good times outdoors and time spent with family and friends. But for such an occasion as right now, having a picnic or grilling in the backyard or even a local park that is open will create fun summer memories.

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