The Next Up And Coming “Designer”

The genius behind Neal Mulani

Neal Mulani is a new-age fashion designer that uses inspiration for his collection from his childhood living in a survivalist compound in Bulgaria. Mulani likes to stay true to his working-class origins through his minimalist designs.

Mulani is constantly exploring new places to have his collections inspired by different cultures. One of his collections was inspired by the students and campus of the University of Southern California. Sometimes Mulani wears a towel over himself to be incognito and doesn’t like to be recognized.

Mulani likes to work with stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Jeff Goldblum, Rihanna, and Kanye. Mulani describes his next upcoming collection as rusty, nefarious, unique, edgy, ostentatious, ornate, over the top, subtle, and restrained. He says it will be bare bones but simplistic.

You might be thinking this designer has some questionable methods and it’s because Mulani is actually a film writer and director. For more of Neal Mulani’s work, check out the video above.

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