Michael B. Jordan Jokes About Breakup on SNL

Credit: Unsplash

The other cast members made some good-natured jokes at Jordan’s expense.

Over the weekend, actor Michael B. Jordan got the chance to host the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. Not only was this the first time he got to host the sketch comedy show, but it was also one of his first major appearances since his breakup with model and entrepreneur Lori Harvey in June of last year, which served as the primary subject for Jordan’s opening monologue.

“Most people after a breakup are like, ‘I’m going to get in better shape. But I was already in Creed shape! So I had to be like, ‘All right, I guess I’ll learn a new language.’ Anyway, estoy en Raya,” Jordan joked.

“After the breakup, everyone thought I was so heartbroken because when the news came out, I was at a basketball game, and they caught me looking like this,” Jordan said, referring to meme images of him looking dejected at a basketball game following the breakup. “Look, I was just chillin’. But that internet decided that that was me being sad.”

“Luckily for me, if you Google ‘Sad Michael Jordan,’ the first 8,000 of those are this,” he said, pointing out images of his father, basketball star Michael Jordan, looking sad.

While he was giving his monologue, several of Johnson’s fellow SNL cast members stepped in to take a shot at getting together with him, including Chloe Fineman, Heidi Gardner, Ego Nwodim and Punkie Johnson.

Johnson in particular prompted an amusing exchange. “Aren’t you gay?” Jordan asked, to which she responded, “I am, but you’re Michael B. Jordan, and I’m Punkie B. Curious. I mean, even vegans got cheat days, right?”

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