PlayStation 5 to Feature Suite of Streaming Apps at Launch

Credit: Unsplash

Remember when game consoles only played games? Me neither.

If there’s one thing people will pay for when it comes to their electronics, it’s convenience. Even if it’s just a matter of having to press one less button, the slightest boost to convenience will always secure at least a few more sales. It took my dad years to get a Roku for his TV because he couldn’t be bothered to switch the input over from the cable box. So if you’re looking to keep your entertainment options consolidated, the PlayStation 5 will look awfully attractive.

Yesterday, on the official PlayStation Blog, the company’s Head of Global Partner Development and Relations, Phil Rosenberg, announced that at launch, the PlayStation 5 will feature a bevy of popular entertainment apps for your streaming pleasure. The usual suspects like Netflix and YouTube will be available, though there will also be relative newcomers to the scene like Disney+ and Apple TV (which I am very surprised Apple was willing to get on board with). Additionally, you’ll be able to stream music through Spotify and, fitting with the game console’s preferred niche, you’ll be able to watch livestreams through Twitch. If your streaming app of choice isn’t available at launch, don’t worry, more apps like Hulu, Peacock, and Prime Video will be added down the line.

According to Rosenberg, all streaming apps will be stored in a separate menu from the PS5’s regular gaming content. This menu, known as the “Media space,” will house the apps, eliminating the need to download them individually from the PS Store.

Credit: Unsplash

“Within the Media space, you’ll no longer need to download entertainment apps through PS Store — it’s all in the Media space,” Rosenberg’s blog post explained. “Creating dedicated Game and Media spaces for the PS5 user experience will make it fast and easy to switch between gaming and entertainment content whenever you want.”

When the PS5 launches in November, a separate media remote that will allow you to quickly and easily navigate streaming apps will be available for a $30 purchase.

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