Reality TV Star Shannon Beador Faces DUI and Hit-and-Run Charges

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Star’s Recent Legal Troubles Unveiled

Shannon Beador, well-known for her role on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County, found herself in legal trouble over the weekend. The 59-year-old reality star was arrested in Newport Beach, California, on charges of driving under the influence (DUI) and misdemeanor hit-and-run. According to the Newport Beach Police Department, the incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday. Beador was subsequently cited and released without bond.

In response to the incident, Beador’s attorney, Michael Fell, expressed her remorse and willingness to take responsibility for her actions. He stated, “I spent quite a bit of time with Shannon yesterday. She is extremely apologetic and remorseful. We will be awaiting the official information on this case as it becomes available, and Shannon is prepared to accept full responsibility for her actions.”

Close friend and fellow Bravo star Jeff Lewis discussed the incident on his SiriusXM talk show. Lewis revealed that Beador had been in a car accident and sustained injuries during the incident. He also expressed shock, emphasizing that he had never known Shannon to drink and drive. Lewis quoted Beador as being “ashamed” and “embarrassed” and mentioned her commitment to accepting full accountability for her actions.

This legal matter comes approximately one year after Shannon Beador’s breakup with her former partner, John Janssen. The separation occurred shortly after the filming of season 17 of RHOC. Beador described the sudden end of the relationship, stating, “We were in a great place—but seven days later, when the cameras were down, it was a completely different story.” She expressed her deep feelings for Janssen and her hopes for a future together.

John Janssen, in his own words, acknowledged the unique connection he had with Beador but emphasized that their differing views on their future ultimately led to the breakup. He waited until filming concluded to announce the decision, sparing Beador from experiencing the breakup on camera. Janssen expressed his love for Shannon and the difficulty of parting ways with someone he deeply cared for.

Despite the breakup, Beador and Janssen had reestablished friendly communication as of July, although they clarified that they had no intentions of reconciling romantically.

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