Start your Morning With a Slice of Cat-Shaped Bread

Credit: Gigazine

One could say that this is the greatest thing since non-kitty sliced bread.

A new feline-themed baked goods line is melting hearts as they are making mouths water. Tokyo and Osaka have always had a bit of a rivalry. Tokyo is most certainly the business and cultural capital of Japan while Osaka is a prominent center of commerce, cuisine, and comedy.

What does this have to do with cat-shaped bread you may ask?

Well, when a Tokyo bakery debuted bunny-shaped bread this past spring, the Blue Jean Bakery and Café in Osaka responded by creating an item on probably what is the most popular animal for any animal-themed thing in the country: cats.

Called the Ironeko Bread (neko being the Japanese word for “cat”), the adorable baked good debuted as part of Blue Jean’s reopening celebration following a renovation project. The bread, which is shaped like a cat’s head, tastes sweeter than normal bread. Prior to baking, the flour is kneaded in hot water, gelatinizing the starches to draw out more of their inherent sweetness. This method of baking also allows for the final product to be extra soft and springy in texture.

If you happen to be in Osaka and love cats, then this bread is certainly worthy for a taste and a snap for the ‘Gram.

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