Taco Bell Enters the Fast Food Chicken Wars

Credit: Unsplash

Here comes a new challenger.

Man, I dunno what happened, but at some point in the past year, the fast food-consuming public went absolutely gaga for chicken sandwiches. I mean, I like chicken sandwiches fine, but after the whole dealie with Popeyes and KFC, everyone and their grandma started getting on board the chicken bandwagon, and the people can’t get enough of it. Even restaurants that normally wouldn’t even offer anything like a chicken sandwich are eager to get on board this craze, and considering their consistent ingenuity in the past, Taco Bell might end up a stand-out among these innovative few.

Earlier in the week, Taco Bell announced that they would begin selling their own take on the traditional chicken sandwich. Aptly named the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco, this new menu offering will feature a piece of crispy fried chicken in a flatbread taco shell with a generous serving of chipotle sauce. An optional spicier version with sliced jalapeno will also be made available. These sorta-sandwiches will sell for $2.49 a pop.

According to Yum Brands, Taco Bell’s parent company, chicken sales and development have been growing faster than beef, which is a primary contributor to the recent fast food chicken surges. The Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco will begin public testing at Taco Bell locations in Nashville, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina starting on March 11. This won’t be the first time Taco Bell’s tried to make the chicken thing happen, but in the current, chicken-crazy climate, they might be able to make it stick this time around.

Following Taco Bell’s announcement, McDonald’s announced their own new line of crispy chicken sandwiches today, while Wendy’s, Burger King, and KFC are currently cogitating their own new developments. If you’re a fan of chicken, then it’s a pretty great time to be alive.

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