Louisiana Joining the Hemp Industry in 2020

Credit: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Recent years have seen a major boom in the CBD market.

The CBD boom gave way to marijuana-adjacent products, including strains of CBD, CBG and of course the one that started it all, hemp.

With the Louisiana hemp laws getting an update in a couple of months, the state will join other states in offering licenses to farmers looking to grow the profitable plant.

Hemp is the sister to marijuana. It is less psychedelic and is used to create THC (the principal psychoactive constituent in marijuana that causes users to get high) but it does not contain enough to create the same effects. As a result, the plant, flower, stalk, and seed of hemp are used for more industrial uses beyond health, like in paper, fabrics or building materials.

With Louisiana decriminalizing certain amounts of marijuana, new company and facility Courier Labs will assist farmers in the beginning stages of producing hemp until they are able to produce the plant using their own seeds.

Farmers will need to obtain licenses from the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and will need to keep the THC levels below 0.3 percent. If the level exceeds the regulated percentage, the entire crop will be destroyed. Farmers are estimated to begin farming new crops beginning late 2020.

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