Macy’s Balloon Inflation to be Open to the Public

Credit: Unsplash

See the massive parade balloons come to life in person.

Once again, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is scheduled to roll through the streets of New York City, complete with floats, live music, and of course, the gigantic character balloons. The balloons are often a highlight of the show, showing peoples’ favorite characters (of the year, anyway) blown up to titanic proportions and floating through the city streets. If you’re a particularly big fan of those balloons, then you should consider showing up to the parade early this year for a special show.

This year, Macy’s is allowing guests to attend the initial inflation of the parade character balloons. Not only will you get an early look at this year’s new balloons, but you’ll get to see them transform from mildly unsettling latex puddles into titans of whimsical advertising. Of course, in the interest of pandemic safety, there will be some restrictions: all attendants of the inflation must be fully vaccinated and present proof of such. Children may be unvaccinated, though they must be accompanied by a vaccinated adult. Masks will be required to attend, and while it won’t be required, social distancing will be recommended.

The inflation will be held at in the Upper West Side at 72nd Street and Columbus Avenue from noon today until 6:00 PM eastern time. Some of the new balloons for this year’s parade include Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda, Ada Twist of the Netflix series Ada Twist, Scientist, and the Pokémon Pikachu and Eevee in a PokéBall sled.

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