Mindy Kaling Shares Rare Glimpse Of Her Daughter, Kit

(Photo Credit: Instagram - Mindy Kaling)

Mindy Kaling likes to maintain her young daughter’s privacy

There is almost nothing hidden in the lives of celebrities. Their every move, the skeletons in their closets. Privacy isn’t something that is often heard of when you are talking about celebrities. But Mindy Kaling is doing her best to keep her daughter out of the spotlight.

With social media capturing every second of the day, as well as every thought, memory, and opinion, sometimes children can unknowingly lose their privacy. And this isn’t a parent-shaming thing; it’s just something that can be more of an afterthought when posting the picture of your little one doing something super embarrassing but cute to a parent. But in a recent picture on Instagram, Mindy Kaling explains her thoughts on all of it.

Mindy Kaling is an actress and comedian known for her roles in “The Office” and “The Mindy Project.” She has had quite a successful career since her start in 2002 and has won multiple SAG Awards and has been nominated for countless Emmy’s.

In a recent picture on Instagram, Mindy posted a picture with just her and her daughter Kit’s feet in matching glitter shoes. Mindy Kaling rarely shows pictures of her daughter and keeps that part of her life mostly private. “I think people are often surprised that for someone who seems as open as I am, I find that stuff really private,” stated Mindy Kaling in a recent New York Times interview.

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