Who Is Your Drag Superstar Soul Sister?

We’re gearing up for the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race by revealing your match for your drag superstar sister. Like mama Ru says, “If you don’t love yourself, how can you love somebody else?”

  • What’s your cleaning schedule like for around the house?

    • Cleaning morning, noon, and night
    • Everything has it’s place
    • A healthy balance of messy and organized
    • My house looks like a hurricane blew through
  • What is your go-to wig?

    • Blonde and teased to the gods
    • Brunette curls
    • Any wig stolen from Dita Von Teese’s closet
    • Blinding baldness
  • What is your favorite medium for creating costumes?

    • Trash
    • Vintage interior textiles
    • Sequins and fishnets
    • Anything neon
  • What is you go to accessory for day drag?

    • Purse first
    • Fashion tape
    • Corset
    • Anything with texture
  • Which flower would you be?

    • Violet
    • Rose
    • Venus Fly Trap
    • Magnolia
  • What kind of nails do you prefer?

    • Long stillettos
    • Nude and natural
    • Gloves for days
    • Metallic claws
  • What is your favorite DragCon venue?

    • New York
    • New York
    • Los Angeles
    • Los Angeles
  • What’s your favorite song to perform drag to?

    • Yes
    • No
    • “Summertime Sadness” Lana Del Ray
    • “I Don’t Like To Show Off”

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