Taco Bell Menu Changes Spark Protest

Credit: Unsplash

Never get between the people and their fast food.

Over the course of 2020, the year that just keeps on taking, Taco Bell has been making gradual changes to their regular menu, presumably in an effort to reduce overhead costs. Many fan-favorites have been dumped, including the Quesarito, the spicy tostado, and the 7-layer burrito. These losses have sparked plenty of griping online, but it was one particular removal that pushed things too far for one man.

As a part of their menu changes, Taco Bell made the decision to remove all potato-based items from the menu. This removal happened back in August, but last week, a San Diego man by the name of Devin Blackburn discovered that frustrations have boiled over into real life, at least a little bit. In a video he posted to his TikTok, Blackburn pulled up next to a couple of protestors outside his local Taco Bell waving signs with messages like “Taco Bell hates vegans.” These signs echo sentiments that have been brewing online ever since the chain announced the removal of potato items, as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-sensitive patrons of Taco Bell often choose potato items in lieu of choices containing wheat and meat.


finally some peaceful protestors trying to strike real change in the community 😭👏 ##TacoBellHatesVegans ##BRINGBACKTHEPOTATOES ##fyp @tacobell

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Blackburn’s TikTok video has drawn over 750k views, with commenters agreeing with the protesters’ frustrations as well as bemoaning the loss of other menu favorites. Taco Bell, for their part, have asserted that there are still vegan options on their menu, like the bean burrito, black bean crunchwrap, and veggie bowl, and that other items can be customized to be meat and dairy free.

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