Keto Dieters Shunning The Healthiest Foods In The World


Those who follow the high-fat, low-carbs keto diet are missing out on some of the healthiest food in the world, according to kidney doctor Shivam Joshi.

The keto diet has been highly praised by many, but many others in the medical community are not convinced.

The keto diet is meant to send your body into a state of ketosis, meaning that you’re in the same fat-burning mode as you’d be if you were starving. In order to maintain this state, keto dieters consume very few carbohydrates, forcing their bodies to burn fat instead. The diet has become popular thanks in part to celebrity endorsements from LeBron James, Kourtney Kardashian, and others. Many keto dieters have come out saying the diet makes them more thin and feel happier.

According to Dr. Shivam Joshi, the keto diet wrongfully bans many foods which are very healthy. He states that the diet cuts out certain foods which are consistently linked to longer life spans, including beans and whole grains. Dr. Joshi even wrote an opinion piece in which he explains that “enthusiasm outpaces evidence” for the keto diet, and that “what people are doing is essentially throwing the baby out with the bath water when they label all carbs as being bad.”

It is indeed true that the keto diet calls for shunning all carbs, even the ones that make you live longer. While carbs are actually not bad for you, the keto diet is still being studied for its effects on improving cancer treatment, among other things.

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