Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Why Jon Bon Jovi Won’t Perform at Wedding

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Stranger Things Star Shares Heartwarming Reason for Wedding Absence

Stranger Things sensation Millie Bobby Brown has opened up about why the iconic musician Jon Bon Jovi, her soon-to-be father-in-law, won’t be performing at her upcoming wedding to Jake Bongiovi.

In a recent appearance on the “Today” show, Millie revealed her admiration for the renowned singer and her genuine concern for his well-being. “I feel like that’s asking me to go and do a full-on play for everyone,” she explained, emphasizing Jon’s hectic schedule. “I think the man needs a break. He doesn’t stop. He’s always doing tennis or singing lessons. I think he needs a break. A three-hour break.”

While Jon Bon Jovi won’t be taking the stage at their wedding, his support and affection for the couple are unwavering. Earlier this year, Jon expressed his blessing for the union during an interview on “Andy Cohen Live.” He shared wisdom about finding the right partner and growing together in a relationship.

Millie and Jake’s engagement, which took place in April, has garnered attention and warm wishes from fans and family alike. The young couple’s relationship blossomed over the years, with their engagement announcement featuring a heartfelt caption, “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all.”

In recent months, Millie has emphasized her desire for an intimate wedding, valuing the precious moments that life offers. “I think probably drawing the curtains, just because there are only so many moments in life that you get only once,” she stated in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily. “And to have everyone’s opinions and eyes looking at that just feels unnatural to me.”

Millie and Jake’s love story continues to capture the hearts of fans, and their wedding, though private, promises to be a beautiful celebration of their commitment to one another.

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