‘The Office’ is Netflix’s Most-Watched Licensed Show

Credit: NBC

Michael Scott would be proud.

Netflix has a plethora of shows available for streaming, but it might surprise some people that their most watched show is not one they produced themselves, but one they licensed to stream. The most-watched shows are NBC sitcoms: The Office, Friends and Parks and Recreation, all of which will be leaving the streaming service to call another streaming service home.

According to data found by media strategist Scott Lazerson, Nielsen stats showed that Netflix users spent 52.08 billion minutes watching The Office. Friends, which clocked in at 32.6 billion minutes, came in second.

The Office may have been off the air for years now, but it is still a popular show, cementing its place in society as being constantly quotable and meme-able. The show originally ran on NBC from 2005 to 2013 and has since been running on Netflix. However, that will soon change, as the show will be leaving Netflix in 2021 after the current deal with the streaming service expires. It will move over to NBC Universal’s own streaming service, Peacock.

Friends was supposed to be leaving Netflix at the start of this year, but the streaming service spent $100 million just to keep the show on board for only one more year. After that deal expires, Friends will only be available on Warner Media’s HBO Max.

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